Citizens Preparedness Corps Training Program

Brookhaven Town Councilman Kevin J. LaValle


Centereach Fire Department

Farmingville Fire Department

Ronkonkoma Fire Department

Selden Fire Department

invite you to participate in the New York State

Citizens Preparedness Corps Training Program

Tuesday, March 28th 2017 6:00 PM


Selden Fire Department

44 Woodmere Place

Selden, NY 11784


All participants must register in advance at

Winter Storms – Clear Your Fire Hydrants!

Yesterday, approximately 13.5″ of snow is on the ground around Centereach and it’s surrounding areas.

This high amount of snow will cover fire hydrants and the area around them.  Preparing and charging a fire hydrant is one of the most important and fundamental objectives of the fire department during a fire call.

Hydrants supply water to the apparatus, which enables our units to attack the fire effectively and aggressively.

Please take a moment to clear a path to your nearest fire hydrant and at least a 3 feet circumference around the Hydrant.  This allows our fire personnel to safely work around the hydrant.


Centereach Fire Department Teddy Bear Clinic

Over the course of the last two weeks, members of the Centereach Fire Department took part in their annual Teddy Bear Clinic for the Middle Country School Pre-Kindergarten Classes. This is the second year that they have participated and have gone to both Unity School as well as North Coleman School, which are located within the Centereach Fire District. Middle Country School District also contains two schools in Selden’s Fire District, which were visited by volunteers from Selden’s Fire Department.
During the visit, the children learned how to call 911 in the event of an emergency. They also learned the importance of proper hand washing and how to clean and bandage a small cut. Many of the children had never seen an ambulance before and were quite nervous, however changed their minds when they realized it wasn’t scary at all. “The opportunity to educate children in the community is something our members look forward to each year. It gives our EMS members a chance to share their knowledge and educate the community. A majority of our calls are EMS related and it’s important the community not just associate us with fire response.” says Chief Corley.
Jessica Byers, EMT at the Centereach Fire Department was one of the many who participated this year. “One little girl was so scared. She said that the ambulance was so big and she was so little. I love doing these events. That little girl walked away that day and wasn’t afraid anymore”.
The Centereach Fire Department is eager to participate next year in the Teddy Bear Clinic at the Middle Country School District. It is a rewarding experience for both the children as well as the volunteers.


EMS Week 2016 Wrap Up

On Friday, May 20, 2016 as EMS Week comes to a close the Centereach Fire Department held a Department wide Training EMS Jeopardy, Medical Emergencies which included basic packaging and transporting of patients which was a timed contest and then the night concluded with a fun filled pie eating contest. Following the Training, the Centereach Fire Department enjoyed some dinner donated by Olive Garden and Buffalo Wild Wings of Centereach.


As a volunteer at the Centereach Fire Department, know that there is not a single day that goes by where hard work and dedication is not appreciated. Centereach volunteers are there when the community needs them, whether it is to apply a bandage to a child’s scraped knee, or to hold the hand of a new widow as the rest of the crew works feverishly to save a life. When that alarm goes off in the dead of night and they rise to the occasion, knowing someone is in need of assistance, it is appreciated more than they know and more than they are told.


The Centereach Fire District would like to thank the Volunteers for their dedication and commitment to their community for responding to over 3,000 alarms for 2015. Centereach Fire District Chairman Frank Rudilosso stated the Fire Department has always been an important part of the Community and it’s dedicated members are proud to serve and protect.   A special Thanks goes to EMT Lauren Gleason for putting the extra effort in organizing such a great and exciting week stated Asst. Chief Robert Corley. Lauren passion for EMS does not go unnoticed. As a Chief I am very proud of the men and woman who protect the Centereach Community  I could not ask for more passionate EMS providers


EMS Week 2016 2

EMS week 2016 1