Engine & Ladder Company 3
“Black Sheep” “Spirit In The Sky”
Est. March 1972.

Location: 3 Rudy Way, Centereach, NY 11720.


Captain  Anthony Chisholm  5-5-53

1st. Lieutenant  Nicholas Puleo  5-5-63

2nd. Lieutenant  Daniel Smith  5-5-73


Current Apparatus:

Engine 5-5-9, 2006 Spartan Gladiator 1500 GPM, 500 Gal. Pumper

Ladder 5-5-5, 2012 Spartan Gladiator 100′ Tower Ladder 2000 GPM, 300 Gal.


Brief History:

In January 1972 it was discussed having a 3rd Engine Company formed for the assignment of the East End of the Fire District.  In February 1972 Engine Company #3 was formed the first appointed officers were as follows, Captain: Jerry McGrath who at the time was 1st Lieutenant of Rescue Company, Jack Toner who at the time was 1st Lieutenant of Company 1 was apointed 1st Lieutenant.  A Pumper from Engine Comapnay #1 was assigned as the Company 3 Apparatus.  For its first year of existence Company 3 responded out of Headquarters.  In 1973 Station 3 was opened on North Howell Avenue.  In the late 1990’s when Company 3 received a 105′ Aerial Ladder the name was changed to Engine & Ladder Company #3.  In 2006 a new Station 3 was constructed on North Howell Avenue, the Address was changed to 3 Rudy Way in honor of Deputy Chief:Rudy Gleisberg a 50 year charter member of Company 3 who passed away not long after the stations completion.  the two responding apparatus of for Company 3 have been named in Honor of two of its members, Engine 5-5-9 is “Rudy” in the memory of  Deputy Chief: Rudy Gleisberg & Ladder 5-5-5 is named “Gary” in Honor of Ex-Chief: Gary Kreidler a dedicated member of the department. The Company 3 motto “Spirit In The Sky” is labeled on the aerial of Ladder 5-5-5 and was also on the previous Ladder 5.  The Norman Greenbaum song “spirit in the sky” is also the official song of Company 3.  Engine & Ladder Company #3 consists of Firefighting & EMS personnel, Company 3 has one Class A Pumper 5-5-9, one 100′ Tower Ladder 5-5-5 and an Ambulance as its response apparatus.