Engine Company 1

Est. April 1956
Location: 9 South Washington Avenue,
Centereach, NY 11720


Captain  Thomas Secker 5-5-51

1st. Lieutenant  Nicholas Perri 5-5-61                                                                               

2nd. Lieutenant  Daniel O’Neill Jr. 5-5-71


Current Apparatus:

Engine 7

Engine 12

Brush 8


Brief History:

In early 1956 the Centereach Fire Department decided to form into Companies to help the response in the ever growing community.  By April two Companies were formed one of them being Engine Company #1.  Engine Company #1 quarters have been at the Headquarters firehouse since its inception in 1956.  The first elected officers were as follows Captain: Arthur Lopa, 1st Lieutenant: Kurt Hauck, 2nd Lieutenant: Joseph Bagliere.  The members assigned to Company 1 are those who live in the middle of our Fire District who lived closest to Headquarters.  The Company 1 mascot is a Bulldog, it has been incorporated into its logo for many years, their nickname has been “The Bulldogs” or “Bulldogs in Heat”, the nickname “Midtown Express” is also labeled on Enigne 5-5-12 the Companies current 1st due response apparatus for its Midtown location.  Engine Company #1 consists of Firefighting & EMS Personnel, Company 1 has Two Class A Pumpers 5-5-7 & 5-5-12, an off road Brush Truck 5-5-8 and an Ambulance as its response apparatus.