“Vigilant” Engine Company 2
Established: December 1956
Location: Stonybrook Road, Lake Grove, NY 11755


Captain  Gerald Sposato 5-5-52

1st. Lieutenant  Phillip Bilmes 5-5-62

2nd. Lieutenant  Kevin Dassau 5-5-72


Current Apparatus:

Engine 2

Engine 6


Brief History:

By the end of 1956 the Department wanted to form a 2nd Engine Company within the Department, In December of 1956 Engine Company #2 was formed.  The first elected Company Officers were as Follows Kurt Hauck who at the time the 1st Lieutenant of Company 1, 1st Lieutenant: Joseph Bagliere who at the the time was the 2nd Lieutenant of Company 1, and Harry Brown Jr. was elected the 2nd Lieutenant.  Until 1967 Engine Company #2 quarters was Headquarters, when Headquarters began to get cramped an the Fire District and community continued to grow a 2nd Firehouse then known as Sub-Station #1 (now called Station #2) was built  on Stony Brook Road in Lake Grove It became the new quarters of Company 2 which is still they’re home quarters to this day.  With Centereach Fire Department covering most of  the Village of Lake Grove Company 2 was named “vigilnat” Engine Company #2 and retains the “Vigilnats” nickname to this day and proudly displays a decal on all Company 2 apparatus of Lake Grove. Company 2 also takes pride in getting out on alarms and has the motto “Go Home We Got It” labeled on its apparatus. Engine Company #2 consists of Firefighting & EMS personnel, Company 2 has two Class A Pumpers 5-5-2 & 5-5-6 and an Ambulance assigned as its response apparatus.